Max Vax live in Münster, February 2007 Ralf Jackowski live in Münster, February 2007 Felix Behrendt live in Münster, February 2007


„Another Jazz Trio. Again a Piano Trio. How exiting can it be?”

This is what one may think untill he is introduced to the music of The Max Vax Trio.

From the very first tones one is immediately being carried away by the high energy of the Trio’s playing. From the very first notes one is being taken into a very personal, creative, at times very subtle and exuberant musical world .The musical voyage has begun. The rest is magic …

The personal sound of the group is a result of performing primarily original material. In case of jazz improvisation it is the artistic “I” that is the most important factor of the music making. Exactly this personal “I” and a wide spectrum of musical and instrumental means are present in the Trio’s playing.

“A thunderous raving, an after-storm fragile silence, a gentle whisper and cascades of free flying musical thoughts” are the features of the Trio’s musical world. A “phenomenal virtuosity” of the Trio’s members paired with exceptional musicality and very high playing spirit makes this group unique amongst other groups.

The musical voyage has begun. The rest is magic ...

Max Vax - Piano
Felix Behrendt - Bass
Ralf Jackowski - Drums