Ralf Jackowski during DVD production at fattoria musica in Osnabrück, 2006
"The Best European Jazz Group"
3rd International Jazz Contest, Granada, Spain 2004

Dear Visitor,

as it often happens, artists prefer to remain behind their own creations, so that their work can speak for itself. Consequently, here I try to give no explanations to what we did, but merely hint the direction. The human soul is, perhaps, the greatest mistery of all. The more we discover, the less we often understand. At times, the mere fear of discovery can cause us to feel afraid or emotionaly dead. The emotional awakening and the intensity of feeling is one of the recording’s aims. Music provides the means to express, what can be felt, but can barely be verbalized. So, when you listen to this music, try to forget, what you know, what you want to know, or what you are afraid of and try to feel.